Frequently Asked Questions

So, what actually happens at the party?

We start with a brief introduction of our studio, they’ll learn what to expect during the recording session, studio etiquette and some tricks of the trade. Performers will be split up into groups. The star/host will sing with every group. Songs should be chosen by star/host no more than 2 days before the party. Guests get the experience of a real recording session while having fun with their friends!

After the tracks have been recorded, the engineer will edit, mix and create your personalized CDs. Labels will include star/host’s name and age. Depending on the package you choose; after the recording session we’ll have a pizza, drinks, cake, present time, record a fun music video, fun photo shoot, and more.

Will we record instruments too, or just sing?

We’ll just be recording vocals. Normally, each group sings a song together, unless the star wants to sing a solo.

Can I sing original material?

We’d love to have your record your tracks at our studio but this studio party is structured for recording covers. Recording original music typically takes a little longer than this party allows. Let us know if this is your dream and we’ll customize something for you.

How many performers are allowed to come? How many observers?

Our maximum number of performers is 16 plus the star/host. We ask that you encourage other parents to do a drop-off. Because of the nature of our parties and the intimate setting of our space, we ask that there be no more than 10 observers in the studio during the party. We realize that others may want to see this unique party, but we want everyone to be comfortable while they are here. Carpooling is a great option for kid parties.

Do you need to know how to really sing?

No! This is all for fun!

Can everyone get a CD?

Yes! Every singer can receive a CD. How cool is that?

What are the age limits for this party?

This party is for Stars between 5 and 99. Although some kids were born to sing, we suggest they be at least 5.

It’s not my birthday, can I just come in and sing?

Yes! You don’t have to have a party. We’re a real recording studio – first and foremost! You can come in for “The Session”, which is 90 minutes for $150.00 (1 singer). Each additional singer is $10.00. This includes music backing tracks, lyric on screen and CDs for all singers. It does not include talent or enthusiasm. You must bring those yourself.

Can Grown-ups have parties at the studio?

Yes! Grown-ups have been begging us to have parties here without kids! So, we decided to let them have fun too. Simply substitute the kids for adults and let’s get the party started. We’ll discuss all the possibilities for making it the coolest grown-up party ever! After all, grown-ups are just kids in parents clothing.

Will I get my music video the same day?

We actually edit your studio party footage into a sweet 2.5 minute, customized music video. Your music video will be sent to you via email in 2 weeks. You can share it and post it.

Can I come in and decorate for my party?

You are more than welcome to bring in decorations the day prior to the party and we will include them in our decorating for your event. We think you’ll like our style.

Will I have to clean up after the party?

Absolutely not, we’ve got you covered! Our parties include, setup, a engineer, hosts and clean up when it’s all over.